sponsor a dog

Here at MADRA, we see so many special dogs, day in day out. However, some are very special and are in need of extra medical help or other kinds of specialised assistance.

For the most part, we are fortunate to have these special cases being cared for by one of our long-term foster care team and we are very grateful for this. 

MADRA now can offer you a chance one-off donation or by a subscription throughout the year, through our secure online subscription service. 

Every bit helps these little warriors and we really appreciate any support given. For your subscription, you will receive a certificate by email or by post and an update on your chosen dog twice a year. 

For more information on sponsoring a dog please email us at: [email protected]  

Tax Donations

If you are a taxpayer (either PAYE or self-assessed), and you made a donation to MADRA in any of the last 4 years that exceeded €250 for that year, MADRA can claim back the tax paid on your donation at no cost to you.  It’s so easy – just complete the relevant form here and email to us at: [email protected]

Annual Certificate:   CHY4 Cert
Enduring Certificate (up to 5 years): CHY3 – Enduring Certificate
Tax Donations