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Corporate Volunteers

Volunteering provides a refreshing break from daily work routines, promoting a healthier work-life balance. Collaborative volunteering also fosters a sense of unity among team members and boosts employee morale. Give your team a meaningful day out that benefits both them and the community.

If you are looking for corporate social responsibility activities to get involved in or ways that you and your employees can make a difference, we have lots of opportunities at MADRA. Please contact us to discuss your volunteer goals and our team will be happy to help.

Make a Lasting Impact

Charity of the Year

Become a year long partner of MADRA. Our team will support you and tailor a chosen charity agreement to your company guidelines.
  • Consider a year-long collaboration by adopting MADRA as your Charity of the Year.
  • Showcase your commitment through sustained support, with opportunities for on-going engagement and impact.
  • We are a trusted and respected charity.
  • We rely on the generosity of Irish businesses to support our work
Please contact us at
Corporate Nealy
Cheque handover

Donation Matching

  • Double the impact of employee fundraising
  • Implement a donation-matching programme, encouraging employees to contribute to MADRA.
  • Matched donations double the impact, amplifying the support for dogs in need.

Fundraising Events

Corporate fundraisers can be a fun way to involve your wider team in your CSR initiatives. Ideas include:

  • Coffee mornings
  • Table Quiz
  • Casual or Reverse Casual Days
  • Charity Bake Offs
  • Art Auction
  • Sponsored Run/Walk
  • Christmas Jumper Day

If you are interested in doing a corporate fundraiser, please contact us at

Cisco's James Carrick donating funds to MADRA
Corporate shop crafting

Shop Activities

Our Charity shop is a vital source of income for MADRA. It is also a great weather proof option for activities during winter!

  • Get hands on crafting snuffle mats & other shop products.
  • Sort through donated goods for display or to send to kennels.
  • Assist with shop maintenance such as painting.

Kennel Activities

Team Building through onsite activities at MADRA Rescue Shelter in Camus, Connemara.

  • Engage in hands-on tasks such as walking, handling, and socialising dogs and puppies.
  • Contribute to the overall cleanliness by cleaning kennels and compounds.
  • Take part in maintenance tasks like sweeping, hedge trimming, and weeding.
  • Refresh the surroundings by decorating indoor and outdoor spaces
Corporate cleaning

Costs of Onsite Activities

Please note that, as a charity, our aim is to raise funds to help cover the costs of caring for dogs in need. This includes medical costs, food, training, rehabilitation, general running costs and our kennel team. We are a volunteer led charity with a small number of employees, so all monies raised are channeled directly to the dogs in our care. We ask companies to fundraise or make a donation to help further MADRA’s mission and cover any additional costs associated with your chosen activity such as extra MADRA Team Members. We recommend a minimum of €20-€30 per person.

Join MADRA in creating a positive impact while fostering a strong sense of corporate responsibility, employee well being, a culture of education, empathy, and responsibility.  Get in touch with our team our team today.

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