Adoption Application

Most of the dogs in our care right now need to be rehabilitated in some way before they’re ready to be re-homed.  The pandemic has brought with it many changes but, for us, it has been the unexpected reduction in the numbers of dogs coming to us from the pounds. With the demand for dogs at an all time high since April 2020, most people who can no longer keep their dog have been able to find friends or relations who will happily step up and offer their buddy a home. That is, if the dog is a happy, healthy, easy-going family pet, of course……. Nowadays, the dogs that MADRA collect from the pound are the more challenging cases. These are not ‘bad’ dogs and there is nothing ‘wrong’ with these gentle souls. They still need help but they simply may not fit the criteria for a typical family pet. They need time and space to decompress before they can learn how to adjust to life in a home. Many will need special training on a one-to-one basis to prepare them for their new life.  And many have come with serious medical issues that need surgery and intensive post-op care before they are ready for adoption. Please bear this in mind as you apply to adopt; we may not have a dog that is suitable for you right now.

When your application is submitted successfully, you will receive a confirmation email.  Please check your junk/spam if you haven’t received this.