It takes many elements to keep MADRA working as an organisation. Whether it is dealing directly with people at an event, or in our shops, helping hands-on with dogs at the shelter or assisting with all the administration behind the scenes, volunteer help is a huge element of this.

If you have only an hour to spare, it still may be of great benefit to us in an area we need assistance in. Your time is precious and we really appreciate the help and support we get.

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We are all learning and every day we have the opportunity to learn something new. In MADRA, working with a diverse team helps us to have a broad approach to running MADRA while gaining from the expertise of the team.

We see only ability in our team and try to have the best fit for our volunteers in terms of the role they play.

Registration Form

We do have a registration form here to complete so we can get in touch with you about your area of interest.

Please note that we do not use your information for anything other than the purpose you supplied it for and we will not advertise to you through third parties.

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We run a training programme to become a Blue Tag Volunteer with the staff at the shelter. It involves an on-site training session and walks you through how best practice procedures can be adhered to when walking or spending time with our dogs. 

We ask for an ongoing commitment to volunteer on a weekly basis so that we can plan the week ahead of time.

“Meeting a MADRA dog and their family on the prom is food for the soul. Makes helping out with MADRA all worthwhile.”
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I have met so many great people through volunteering with MADRA, they are a wonderful collective of diverse people.
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“I love walking dogs at MADRA, because it allows me to appreciate the simple things in life - like the smell of this grass, that grass, and the other grass too.”
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