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It takes many elements to keep MADRA working as an organisation. Whether it is dealing directly with people at an event, or in our shops, helping hands-on with dogs at the shelter or assisting with all the administration behind the scenes, volunteer help is a huge element of this.

If you have only an hour to spare, it still may be of great benefit to us in an area we need assistance in. Your time is precious and we really appreciate the help and support we get.

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We are all learning and every day we have the opportunity to learn something new. In MADRA, working with a diverse team helps us to have a broad approach to running MADRA while gaining from the expertise of the team.

We see only ability in our team and try to have the best fit for our volunteers in terms of the role they play.

We do have a registration form here to complete so we can get in touch with you about your area of interest.

Please note that we do not use your information for anything other than the purpose you supplied it for and we will not advertise to you through third parties.

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Duties include cleaning kennels, walking and socialising dogs, washing dishes, doing laundry, sorting donations or a number of other tasks needed to keep the kennels running(although we do make sure that everyone gets doggy time on their shift). You will need to be able to work as part of the kennel team and follow staff guidance. Kennels are open to Blue Taggers from  9am-4pm Monday to Sunday.  There are two shifts: 9am-12pm (morning shift) and 1pm-4pm (afternoon shift). Bluetags are generally scheduled to come on the same day each week and we ask for a commitment of 3 volunteer shifts per month, with each shift lasting at least 3 hours. Please note for the first month we would expect you to attend training and commit to coming out once every week for the first 4 weeks, thereafter we would ask for a commitment of 3 volunteer shifts per month. We ask for this commitment as we are constantly adapting to the needs of dogs in our care and regular attendance at kennels is needed to ensure you are up-to-date on kennel protocols. This will help ensure the safety and welfare of the dogs and volunteers! Additionally, we are increasingly working with dogs in need of rehabilitation and it is hugely important that the kennel staff have regular volunteers, on whom we can rely, so that they have time to dedicate to these dogs. Having your own transport is also essential to volunteering as the kennels are not on a public transport route.
“Meeting a MADRA dog and their family on the prom is food for the soul. Makes helping out with MADRA all worthwhile.”
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I have met so many great people through volunteering with MADRA, they are a wonderful collective of diverse people.
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“I love walking dogs at MADRA, because it allows me to appreciate the simple things in life - like the smell of this grass, that grass, and the other grass too.”
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