Volunteer opportunities


We have our canine ambulance on the road for dropping dogs to and from the vets and for collections from the pounds. It is a hands on-volunteer role including sometimes handling dogs and paperwork.

Dogs chip in and help with the on road duties
Furbo shop floor

Shop Volunteers

Our two retail outlets welcome any time you may have. Our shop manager will be able to guide you through our process when dealing with our stock. It is a great way to meet people in your area and make a difference.


Team MADRA are a busy and diverse crew and we always benefit from a fresh viewpoint. Running fundraisers is a lifeline for our finances so that we can care for the dogs at our shelter. Your expertise may just have a huge difference to us.

Volunteer at our fundraisers
Owen is our blue tog dog walker

Blue Tagger

We run a Blue Tag dog walking and care programme at our shelter. Once you receive your training you can be scheduled onto the Shelter roster. This can involve walking dogs, cleaning, helping with training, taking photos and general on the ground assistance. You must be must be over 18 to become a blue tag volunteer.