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*Terms and Conditions for Millie's Fund
1. To be eligible for a free spay, dogs must be: – Female – Over six months old – Microchipped – Licensed – Resident in Galway – Collies, terriers, lurchers or cross breeds of these however the scheme may be expanded to include other breeds at a later date.
2. All sections of the application form need to be completed.
3. Applicants will need to provide Proof of Address and Photo ID.
4. An admin fee of €10 is required and if the subsidised microchipping is required, this will cost an additional €10. Full payment must be received before a voucher can be issued.
5. Successful applicants will be posted a Millie’s Fund Voucher which will entitle the named owner to have their female dog spayed and where applicable, microchipped. This voucher is tracked, numbered, and valued at upwards of €200. Vouchers are valid for 6 months from the date of issue.
6. Vouchers are limited and there will be follow-up with recipients to ensure they are activated. If this voucher is not used within six months of issue, it will be null and void.
7. To redeem the voucher, owners must ring the vet specified on the voucher to make an appointment. It is very important that the vet is advised at the booking stage that a Millie’s Fund voucher will be used for payment.
8. When the dog is being checked in for the procedure, the voucher will need to be presented along with Photo ID.
9. Owners must ensure that all post-operative care advice is followed very carefully. Any additional cost incurred from the veterinary practice outside of the agreed spay procedure and microchipping, will be the responsibility of the dog owner. This includes but is not limited to post-operative complications relating to not following the instructions of the veterinary clinic.
10. All applicants authorise MADRA and Galway County Council to use their data for the purpose of administering their application to Millie’s Fund and subsequent redemption of the voucher.