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World Collie Day 2023
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𝐖𝐨𝐫π₯𝐝 𝐂𝐨π₯π₯𝐒𝐞 πƒπšπ² was on the 21st of July 2023. A day when we celebrate this incredibly intelligent and sensitive breed, the breed we see the most of every year. We post cute photos and share happy updates of the many collies we have helped and rehomed.
Today we can’t celebrate. While our love and compassion for this special breed remain unchanged, we are pleading for the breeding of collies to cease. There is a collie crisis in Ireland and we need to speak about it.
In the last 12 months we’ve taken in 427 dogs of which 88% were collies or collie mixes. The majority of unwanted, dumped or abandoned puppies we took in are collie or collie crosses. 
And how many more are out there living in misery locked in sheds, tied up on chains and left neglected, hungry and scared? It keeps us up at night just thinking about all the collies suffering at the hands of humans, through ignorance and deliberate cruelty.
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Unwanted puppies
Just some of the devastating collie cases we have faced this year include four young puppies dumped near MADRA just after Christmas, three young collie puppies dumped in a basket at the Galway city market, the multiple litters of juveniles kept in sheds, roaming wild. We took in pregnant, emaciated Patti who came from a cruelty situation. She is now nursing two young puppies, her body utterly exhausted. We took in seven puppies dumped outside the Galway city pound. We took in Ophelia and her four feral puppies who, even at such young age, would snap at people…having missed out on the crucial window of socialisation, which left them terrified. Puppy Opie is still in foster with an experienced trainer and is still struggling with the world around him and he will never be a “regular” pet, but we won’t give up on him.
Sadly the list goes on and on…..We took in adult collies Shep and Captain, who were found tied together and abandoned in the forest. There is the constant stream of matted collies coming to us, discarded for an endless number of reasons….There’s also all of the bewildered pregnant females, the young mums and their vulnerable puppies who were living in unsuitable living conditions. There was a large litter of collie puppies who had ringworm and as result spent the first crucial months of their lives growing up in our shelter, their contact with humans hindered by protective clothing.
There was sweet collie Fraoch who was found alone on the side of the road, with a cable tie wrapped around her neck, scared and hungry….having just given birth to five puppies.Β 
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We took in Callie whose family packed up and moved away leaving her and their other dog alone to fend for themselves. The other dog was sadly hit by a car before he could be rescued..Callie now lives happily in Germany, thanks to IHIN. We took in Max, a sweet but terrified boy who spent his life tied up to a rusting old car. His only bed, a hole dug-out he made for himself underneath the car.
Dog pounds and dog rescue shelters around the country are packed to capacity and collies are suffering needlessly. Adoptions for border collies are slow, very slow and we know that even more collies await us in the pound. We regularly reach out to trusted rescues in the UK and Germany for help. We’re so grateful for the support of Border Collie Trust GB and IHIN – Irische Hunde in Not e.V. They rehome so many discarded Irish collies…without their help, we truly don’t know how we would help so many border collies and collie mixes in desperate need of a lifeline.
It’s a very disheartening reflection of the regard for the welfare of collies in Ireland. We are overwhelmed and we are struggling. We are determined to do something proactive because something HAS to change to end this collie crisis. We are offering 𝐅𝐑𝐄𝐄 spays for female collies and some other breeds in Galway. Please start the conversation with family members, with neighbours, with friends and let them know we’re here to cover that cost. Please get them spayed. Please stop breeding collies. The suffering needs to stop and the collie crisis must end. Rescues like ourselves can’t keep picking up the pieces, dealing with one traumatised collie after another and all the while the requests for help with collies keep piling in, one after the other.

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