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VHI Virtual Women's Mini Marathon 2021

We’re delighted to announce that the Vhi Virtual Women’s Mini Marathon is around the corner.
Enter today and walk, jog or run 10k from 17th to 19th September 2021! 
Lace up your runners and join us from ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD to Race the Real Route using the VHI Brand New Event App! Find out more here.
You can make a real difference to the lives of MADRA Dogs in rehabilitation with your efforts in sharing or contributing to the event.
See you at the Virtual Start Line. 
#VhiWMM @VhiWMM #STILLDoingitforthedogs #MADRADogRescue #PowerOfMe

The registration process has two steps

1) Register with VHI site and receive a VWMM finishers tee-shirt and medal
(Cost €15 for Ireland / €18 rest of world Includes P&P) 

2) Register with iDonate as part of the MADRA Run team. (If you can fundraise a further €50, we will send you a “Doing it for the Dog’s medal! Includes P&P)