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You can support these special dogs by either a one-off donation starting at €5 or by a subscription throughout the year, using our secure online payment platform.

For your subscription, you will receive a certificate by download link with receipt or you can supply your postal address in the payment form and we post to you. Also we will update on your chosen dog once a year. You can gift this to someone for that special occasion. If you have any queries, please email us at

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opal e1709120670357
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Hand feeding
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Seven of her puppies

You might remember my story, which is devastatingly sad, and I have been left with permanent scars so I will need constant support from MADRA throughout my life.

I was impounded by the dog warden on a routine licence check, and after checking me over briefly, he contacted MADRA immediately. I had been confined to a small crate (for quite a long time based on my bad smell), I was covered in faeces and urine scald, and was also very heavily pregnant. MADRA got me straight to the vet, cleaned up and into a safe, warm foster home to prepare for the arrival of my puppies.

Unfortunately, the horrific conditions and neglect that I have suffered have taken their toll, and although I gave birth to eight puppies, it turned out to be an emergency caesarian as I was too malnourished and exhausted to whelp them properly and my puppies were in distress. Sadly, one-by-one they slowly slipped away at only a few days old. There was nothing any of us could do to save them, they never had a chance.

I am a Cavachon, a popular “Covid” breed, who came from ‘greeders’. This abuse has caused me huge problems internally that I will live with forever. I have had several surgeries, but nothing can repair the damage that has been done, so I am doubly incontinent.
For all that, they call me a happy calm girl! My foster mom is getting me regular acupuncture sessions with Vet, Philip McManus, which has helped a bit, but MADRA will mind me for the rest of my life. My fabulous foster mom Helen has trained me to use nappies for living inside, and I now take it all in my stride, gaining confidence every day. I am so grateful to be away from the hell-hole that was my previous life. My foster mom says that I am just the sweetest, happiest girl, who loves everyone I meet.

Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who made my rescue possible.
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Donation Total: €10 Monthly

Holly in treatment

Hey…. I’m Holly

They call me a little darling and I came to MADRA in March of 2019 with a very bad skin condition and found myself very underweight. I was really stressed, scared and exhausted.

Then I was taken under the special caring wing of Jean and her family who love and care for me dearly. It is true to say I’ve landed on all four paws getting such good TLC.

After many tests and medications – it was discovered that I am allergic to tree and weed pollen and dust mites. I actually need regular bathing in medicated shampoo and a special diet alongside ongoing medication to try maintain my sensitive skin condition.

At times when the skin flare-ups are bad, I can only be held with gloves and I have to wear the dreaded cone to help stop scratching. My loving family work hard at managing my skin condition and there is ongoing costs for my medications that your contribution can really make a difference with.

My Mom says “She’s a wonderful little girl. She adores the beach, playing with her toy pig and loves other dogs. She’s been through a lot..she’s a real brave. She’s a happy girl who plays rough and loves her Daddy.”

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Donation Total: €5 Monthly