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Parky Finds a New Home Hardback

Grab your hard back story book today and share the story of how a staffy can make it through all the adventures!
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We are delighted to be part of getting Parky's story out there and our MADRA dogs are honored to be benefitting from the sale of this beautiful publication. It's written by Louise O Connor Mulhall & beautifully illustrated by Ana Slattery & is available to buy in our MADRA Charity Shop in Moycullen and online.

"Parky Finds a New Home" is a children's story book to help raise awareness about rescue dogs & the amazing work that rescues do. It's a fictional story based on Parky's search for a home & is based on him. It's so important to show a bully breed in a positive light, as they're often unfairly judged simply because of their breed or outdated thinking. 10% of the price will be donated to MADRA - Mutts Anonymous Dog Rescue and Adoption & 10% will be donated to Galway SPCA to help raise much needed funds. HOWEVER ... We have been gifted one boxload of this great book that enable the full price to go directly to MADRA when purchased here.

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