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MADRA Gifts and Handmade Crafts

We offer a selection of branded MADRA merchandise for you to choose from. Delivery is available throughout Ireland via An Post. We are always working to add new gift ideas and stock to our offering.


We also offer the chance to buy a special Christmas Dinner for the many dogs in our care. Melon and Plum and their two siblings were tiny pups when they were dumped in rural Connemara.  Thankfully they were rescued before they came to any harm.

MADRA Charity Shop Items

Each week we plan different posts to bring you our treasures from our Charity Shops Facebook page. 

The range of items on sale can vary from a fancy tea pot to a great pair of boots to a curtain rail!

We need to operate within the current restrictions on delivery but when you place your order, we work with you to find the most economical way.

Please PM our Charity Shops Facebook page with your chosen item before completing the click and pay link here.

MADRA via Thrifify

Teaming up with our partners from thriftify means we can share our gems across Ireland and further a field. 

Our clothing range can be seen on our dedicated profile page on thriftify.

Your order and delivery payment is processed via thriftify.

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