Turn your spare change into positive change

MADRA is very excited and proud to partner with a revolutionary Irish-based micro-donations platform

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Change Donations allows you to round up your everyday purchases, both online and in-store, to the next euro and donate your spare change to help us continue our important work. It’s 100% secure (using bank-grade security) and you have complete control over how much you donate – you can set spend limits and pause or cancel roundups at any time.

Users have to link their card and connect their bank for the round-ups to work. The double verification is for security purposes, we have no access to your bank account or card details.


How does it work?

Imagine you collect that lunch/coffee combo and it costs you €4.90, Change Donations rounds that up to €5.00 euros and donates the 10 cent (your digital spare change) to MADRA.  Once you sign up and link your credit/debit card, and verify your bank account then Change Donations takes care of the rest.

Change Donations will round up all your purchases automatically, in person and online, then donates them to us.

If you are ready to make that change today, simply…

Change Donations

Photo Credit: PurpleBlues Pets