Our shelter

Located in Camus, Connemara, in the heart of the Gaeltacht, surrounded by beauty and nature.
Dogs sleep in purpose built kennels and have a variety of outdoor areas available to them for exercise and enjoyment. We are continuously developing the Shelter so that we can offer the best possible care to all the MADRA dogs that spend time with us here.

We are planning an online appointment system for booking a visit to the shelter.

Visitors are hugely important to our dogs, but it can get stressful for some dogs who become overwhelmed at busy times so we manage this with our appointment system.

The staff will guide you to the most suitable dog to walk, and please bear in mind that not every dog will be comfortable with children.

We strive to make your visit enjoyable and safe, which means there are some restrictions in place.

Figaro Holding Paw

This is a working kennel with many dogs of unknown origin, and some may still be at the assessment stage.

Thank you for your help, support, and co-operation with our procedures to keep everyone as safe as we can.